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For men and women

Torah Classes

Torah study is the bed-rock of Jewish existence. It is one of the most important Mitzvot and understandably so; in order for someone to connect to our heritage and life mission - he/she must learn and understand the foundations, teachings and lingo of the Torah.

Torah is endless, literally. There are those who cherish the learning of Talmud and others that favor the learning of Jewish Law. Others 'go' for Kabbala and the inner secrets of Torah explained in the teachings of Chassidut while others rather a 'down to earth' lecture distilling from Torah practical guidance to living a better and more meaningful life in our disturbing times.

One way or another - every Jew needs to have a set time to learn Torah!

At the JRCC we offer a wide range of Torah Lessons, spanning across many topics.To see an updated list of these online classes, please Click Here.

At the JRCC of Willowdale and the City we currently offer a weekly women's class on Tuesday evenings by Mrs. Shaina Zaltzman, as part of our 'Women's league', a weekly Men's class on Sunday mornings by Rabbi Yisroel Zaltzman, as part of our 'Tefilin Club' and a weekly class on the Torah portion of the week (in Russian) by Mr. Aryeh Leib (Lonya) Kaushansky on Thursday evenings. Of course we also have many One-on-One sessions.   

Feel free and welcome to join us and bring along a friend!

As mentioned, at the JRCC of Willowdale and the City we see the teaching of Torah our primary mission and goal, so if you would like us to start a new class on a topic of your choice, or you would like to learn one-on-one with Rabbi Yisroel or Mrs. Shaina Zaltzman - please feel more then welcome to contact us and we will do all we can to accommodate and make it happen! 

Class Request Form

Amazing! we will be in touch shortly to set it up!

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