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Western Wall Bar MItzvah

Preparing Jewish boys for adulthood

Bar Mitzva Club

A boy attains his religious maturity and becomes responsible at the age of 13. He is then considered a Jewish adult. At this age, young men gain the intellectual maturity to discern between right and wrong and modify their behavior accordingly.

This occasion is cause for great celebration and gratitude to G‑d, and hence the Bar Mitzvah ceremony. It is important to note that a boy becomes Bar Mitzvah automatically on his thirteenth birthday, with or without a party!

The goal of the Bar Mitzvah club is to teach your son all about this stage his life and why it’s so important, prepare him for this momentous occasion and make sure he celebrates it meaningfully and properly.

The club will incorporate Hebrew reading, how to put on Tefillin, and prepare each child to read their individual portion of the Torah. Each club meeting will combine education and fun.

In addition to the club, which meets once a week, there will be a trip or event a few times over the year and a special Friday night dinner focused on Bar Mitzvah boys. But most of all, your son will learn about what it really means to be Jewish, and why the most important Jewish teen in the world is…your son!


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Our Curriculum is a thought through, comprehensive learning system that will really ready your son for his bar Mitzva 

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