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Community Shabbat Dinner

Shabbat. Friendship. Community.

Shabbat Dinner on friday night is a monumental part of Jewish tradition.


The Kiddush and Challa, delicious dishes and most of all the close family feeling and great Torah discussion about life's goals and mission, tingled with song and some good humor.. make up an experience that lives you with a taste for more!

In addition to our weekly Shabbat table, always open and welcoming to any and every Jew from the community, we hold - at least once a year - a Communal Shabbat Dinner in the Synagogue.

We come together as a community and experience a Shabbat dinner that strengthens our bond and commitment to our heritage and tightens the close friendship and relationship between all the members of our community.

Join Us!

For information about our next Community Shabbat Dinner or if you would like to join us on a different Shabbat for the Shabbat dinner at our home, please contact us through one of the links on the bottom of the page or click on 'Contact Us' below.

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