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Chanukah 2019

Chanukah 2019 was super busy! every evening we brought the light of Chanukah to another part of the City.

Part of our mandate and mission at the JRCC of Willowdale and the City is to reach out and serve every Jew from the FSU in the southern, Eastern and Western parts of the City.

On the first night of Chanukah we held a Chanukah party localy in Willowdale, at the North York Civic Center. Through enjoying tasty and traditional Chanukah delicacies, hearing a few words about the meaning of the holiday and playing a multimedia 'test your knowledge' game about Chanukah - participants left inspired and invigorated to bring the light of Chanukah to their homes and beyond!

The event culminated with a grand giant Menorah lighting outside in the Mel Latsman Square, attended by all the JRCC rabbis, dignitaries, the press and hundreds of community members.

In the coming nights we brought this program to the other parts of town.

On the secnd night of Chanukah we were in the Etobicoke Civic Center, On the third night of Chanukah we were in the Scarborough Civic Center, and on the Seventh night of Chanukah we held an event for seniors in the party room at 5430 Yonge St.

Enjoy the pictures!


North York Civic Center and Mel Latsman Square



Etobicoke Civic Center



Scarborough Civic Center


Seniors party

Party room - 5430 Yonge St.

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