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Never feel alone or lost - there is someone to turn to!

Student Paper Writing

Every generation is blessed with a central Jewish leader, and it is through him that G-d's holiness shines into the world. Like a head to the body and like the Temple in Jerusalem, a Rebbe is the generator that provides both a physical and spiritual life force to everything in the generation.

The leader of our generation is the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who has been leading our generation and preparing the Jewish People for the Redemption and the revelation of Moshiach for 70 years now.


A Rebbe is blessed with divine vision and sees things the way G-d sees it. There's no wonder that when one has a fork in the road of life they naturally turn to the Rebbe for advice. The Rebbe's advice has proven itself to be ideal and perfect, and is always the right thing to do for you to have success.

The Rebbe's advice and blessings are for all matters including health, business, dating, the correct path in life, Mazal (luck), and religious commitment. As a caring leader, the Rebbe also encouraged that people write updates of what's going on in their life, good news and the opposite. 

Ever since the 3rd of Tammuz, 5754 (June 12, 1994), we cannot physically interact with the Rebbe. Our two-way communication with the Rebbe today is primarily through his books. This process is an age old process practiced in Soviet Russia when writing letters to the Rebbe was often impossible. ​

The process is technically simple, although the amount of focus and spiritual preparation varies from one to another.

If you would like to write to the Rebbe with a request for a blessing - and you would like assistance - please reach out to Rabbi Yisroel at 647-993-7105 | Yisroel.Zaltzman@JRCC.Org or click on the link below and submit the form.

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